martedì 6 agosto 2013

Il posto delle favole

Dal 10 al 31 agosto le mie illustrazioni per il racconto La pappa dolce dei fratelli Grimm, saranno in mostra a Rivodutri (Ri), alla mostra internazionale di illustrazione Il posto delle favole, a cura di Barbara Pavan.  

2 commenti:

  1. I came here through Illustration Friday. I can not find the creature you posted there, but I find lots of lovely creatures here. I think your work is very beautiful. The soft pencil technic and the strange surrealistic atmosphere are very special. Bye, Hedwig

  2. Thank you Hedwig, the creature I posted in Illustration friday is in older posts. I?ve seen your work and I think your sketch and quick draw are very fresh and interesting. Their immediacy (if this word is right) hits me, on the contrary I'm often too much thoughtful and slow! pleased to meet you, bye!